How to buy pi cryptocurrency in India 2023

Pi Cryptocurrency has provided an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to easily mine digital currency. Generally, cryptocurrency mining requires high technology and a powerful computer system, which is not helpful for common people to do crypto mining.

However, it is possible to mine Pi coins in a mobile application. Crypto miners from all over the world can download the mobile app on their smartphones and mine PI tokens for free.

How to buy pi cryptocurrency in India :

How to buy pi cryptocurrency
How to buy pi cryptocurrency in India

Despite India’s very strict stance on cryptocurrencies, you can still get Pi cryptocurrency, however, you will only be able to exchange it when Phase 3 of the Pi network launches, which is expected to be soon.

To earn or mint Pi Coin in India, the user needs to download its mobile app, which is available from the Android-based Play Store or iOS app store, and thus easily mine it through mobile. However, after buying Pi Coins, you can also keep them safe in your digital wallet.

Users can easily download the Pi Cryptocurrency Wallet app from their Android mobile’s Play Store or iOS App Store, and through that app can apply Pi Coins completely securely, and very easily.

How to buy pi cryptocurrency :

Follow this Step by Step Guide for Beginners to buy Pi cryptocurrency :

Opening a Crypto Wallet:

Follow this guide to keep all your cryptocurrency stored in a digital wallet. The digital wallet uses blockchain technology to communicate with other users over a network. You can open an account with BuyUcoin, the primary digital wallet provider.

Register and account opening:

How to buy pi cryptocurrency

Signup When you log in to the account, register and open a service account. Choose the account type, i.e. your individual or company form, and choose your country and follow the terms and conditions of your crypto-trading account.

KYC Completion:

For Indian jurisdictions, KYC is mandatory. Your data is secured encrypted, and stored only in Indian data centers. You will be redirected to another URL to complete KYC. A PAN card photo is mandatory and a mobile number linked with an Aadhaar is required.

2 Step Verification / 2 Factor Authentication:

How to buy pi cryptocurrency

Install the authenticator app to protect your account with 2FA. Whenever you log into your account, you will be asked to enter a 6-digit one-time password, ensuring maximum security of your cryptos.

Add bank details:

Enter the mandatory information, such as your name certificate, account name of the holder, and IFSC code.

What is Pi cryptocurrency :

PI Cryptocurrency (PI) is a new cryptocurrency that works on the Pi network and its simple mining process can be done from smartphones. It is controlled and managed by a social community, and behind its work is a mechanism known as the “Stellar Consensus Protocol”.

The Stellar Consensus Protocol is a network protocol that verifies transactions between different members. Through this protocol, every transaction is executed and verified on the Pi cryptocurrency network, and information about this is stored in the blockchain. This process ensures the security and transparency of the network and frees Pi cryptocurrency from government or single-entity control.

Pi eliminates the need for hardware and graphics processing units (GPUs) used to mine cryptocurrency, enabling members of the entire network to mine Pi coins directly through their smartphones.

Pi Cryptocurrency creates a digital currency that is welcoming and convenient for both users in a developed network and is free from the control of institutional institutions that deal with the weak aspects of cryptocurrency.

Note that, in real terms, one cannot buy Pi coin in India or anywhere else, as it is not yet listed on any cryptocurrency or non-crypto exchange. Pi coins are easily accessible and can only be obtained through mining.

To mine or get pi currency, the PI network app is widely used by users pressing a button every 24 hours. For this, the user receives a code from the member to join the app. The Pi platform also boasts of a referral system where a new user can earn extra money based on their sign-up.

The Pi network was launched in 2018 and the mining rate was initially high, when around 1.6 Pi were mined per hour. After that, the mining rate decreased over time and it became relatively low to obtain 0.2 Pi per hour when the Pi network gathered a million members.

The Pi Network is compatible with a new user-investor community called “Pi Bridge” in 2022, which connects to Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms. It helps data travel and provides seamless data exchange between the Pi network and other blockchains.

All-time new users receive a code to join the Pi Network and can join the Pi Network app. With this app, they are able to mine Pi coins every 24 hours, and after joining the Pi network they earn Pi following a weekly limit on the amount of Pi coins mined by them.

Pi Network is currently in the second phase of a trial and has the possibility of a full launch in the near future.

Key Features of Pi Network :

Some of the important features Pi Coin offers are:

  • Pi App Works: Pi Network provides a lightning button to mine Pi through your smartphone, and it continues your mining process with a 24-hour countdown. Users don’t have to leave the network, and mining is done automatically at the end.
  • Popularity: According to Coinmarketcap, the Pi network has more than 35 million users, and it offers mining through a mobile system that requires no device.
  • Pi Network: Pi Network is easy to access and configure, it is error-free and flexible, and it is decentralized and has no specific owner.
  • Unique Ecosystem: The Pi Network has a rare ecosystem, allowing non-GPU users to mine with their smartphones.
  • Powerful Referral System: Pi Network runs a powerful referral system that allows users to generate cash and refer additional users.
  • Reliable and decentralized: Pi is easily customizable, less error-prone, and flexible, and it is completely decentralized with no single owner.

These features make PiCoin Network an attractive offering for customers, and it is bringing a new revolution through mobile mining.

How to trade Pi cryptocurrency in India?

To trade or sell Pi Coins in India you need to follow some steps:

  • Opening a Crypto Exchange Account: First, you need to open an account with a crypto exchange. To do this in India you can open accounts on various crypto exchanges, some may even require ID verification.
  • Buy Pi cryptocurrency: After opening an account on the exchange, you can buy Pi coins. You can buy Pi Coins on any exchange and store them in your digital wallet.
  • Transfer Pi Coins: At any time, you can transfer your Pi Coins to the fully decentralized blockchain. It can be converted to any other cryptocurrency.
  • Pi Coin Monitoring: You can monitor Pi Coin and download the “Pi Coin Wallet” app from the Play Store to get your transaction status compliance.

If you mine Pi coins and it go to the blockchain, they can transfer or withdraw coins while Pi is fully decentralized. However, this is in the testing phase, so be sure to collect the correct information and keep your keys safe.

How to buy pi cryptocurrency in India app :

PI will be exchanged with various cryptos and bought on famous and prominent platforms and many other exchanges like BuyUCoin.

Provides classic trading facilities with a user-friendly interface while maintaining advanced charts for professional traders

  • BuyUCoin
  • Binance India
  • Wazirx
  • CoinDCX
  • Coinswitch Kuber
  • Unocoin
  • BitBNS

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What is the Future of Pi cryptocurrency?

Pi cryptocurrency has become a very popular topic now because it is an attractive option in terms of ease and affordability. However, as of now, Pi Coin is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchange and its value is not easy to determine. For this reason, it takes an alarming amount of time. Individuals can mine these coins and store them in an app. However, one can use these coins to buy products on Pi Marketplace.

One can predict its future value by considering the current trend, but this is only a guess. Investors who have a high-risk tolerance and want to invest themselves in the new cryptocurrency market can prepare for Pi Coin Mining. The value of Pi Coin may increase in the future and early investors may earn more income.

Conclusion :

Pi Cryptocurrency offers an accessible and user-friendly way for people in India and around the world to engage in cryptocurrency mining through a mobile app. The current pricing of PI in India has not been determined as the network is in the second phase of testing. When Phase 3 is launched, users will be able to trade it like any other currency. With its innovative consensus protocol and growing community, Pi aims to democratize the world of cryptocurrency, making it inclusive for everyone. Keep an eye on its development as it could bring significant changes to the crypto landscape in the future.


Where can I buy Pi Cryptocurrency in India?

You cannot buy Pi cryptocurrency through the exchange because it is not yet listed. It is in testing phase and you can earn Pi by joining the network.

Is Pi cryptocurrency available on Indian exchanges?

No, Pi is not listed on any exchange yet. It is only available for mining through the Pi Network app.

How can I start Pi cryptocurrency mining in India?

Download the Pi Network app, create an account and start mining daily with the tap of a button. No purchase is necessary.

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