As Bitcoin continues to fall in unprecedented prices since 2020, other major crypto platforms are in a crisis. Celsius is one of the top Trending 5 Cryptocurrency lending and stacking platforms, but this week it has stopped all withdrawals, exchanges and trades due to ‘extreme market conditions’.

Even Binance – the world’s largest crypto exchange today – has stopped withdrawing bitcoin due to a network error. The issue was resolved within hours, but it is still a concern for a network that is believed to be the most secure and user-centric in the industry.


But crypto is not all bad today. Some tokens, such as EverGrow Coin, have seen their trading volume exceed 350% in the last few days. Meanwhile, even the price of the fallen Crypto Luna Classic token has risen today.

Bitcoin :


Bitcoin is currently priced at $18,391.12 USD.

This comes after Bitcoin saw its lowest price in more than 18 months and a nine-week record-breaking Bitcoin red candle. Bitcoin is even breaking past key indicators, such as the 200-week moving average (currently$18,391.12 USD).

The 14-week Bitcoin Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 27. This is the lowest number since 2018 and it should be suggested that Bitcoin is a great buy. However, with interest rates expected to rise at a meeting of the US Federal Reserve this week, it is not clear where Bitcoin will end.

Celsius :

Celsius is one of the most popular crypto stacking and lending platforms – but today, the platform still does not allow any withdrawals, exchanges or transactions.

In general, Celsius yields up to 18.63% on deposits of its users. Celsius tokens have fallen below $ 7 to a dollar over the past few weeks due to growing concerns.

Today, the cryptocurrency of Celsius is $ 0.3266 Despite losing 50% of the token price last week, it has surprisingly increased its price by 75% in the last 24 hours.

In a post to the Celsius community on Monday, the platform blamed “extreme market conditions” for halting trading activity. This comes as Celsius’s 26 26 billion client fund has more than halved since October.

EverGrow Coin :

A surprising result of the market crash has seen the crypto evergrown coin trading volume explode in the last few days.

Evergro Coin has rocked more than 30% of yesterday’s price before a correction today. Nevertheless, EverGrow Coin charges a 14% transaction tax of which 8% BUSD is redistributed as a reward on all purchase or sale orders. This means that those who are holding Evergro Coins today will receive over $ 80,000 in BUSD due to the speaking volume.

Since its launch in September last year, EverGrow Coin has offered investors over US 37 million in BUSD rewards. 2% of 14% transaction tax has been set aside for strategic buyback.


BNB is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies today because prices are already green after Monday’s losses.

BNB is currently trading at $ 225 – a 1% price increase yesterday. This is while Bitcoin is still posting 7% losses and Etherium is seeing 3% losses in the last day. Binance ecosystem’s native token may see lower trading fees for users with BNB.

Binance is also seen as one of the most secure and transparent cryptocurrency businesses in the industry, behind the renewal of the fifth largest crypto token by today’s market cap.

For example, despite Binance being disrupted for several hours yesterday, CEO Changpeng Zhao assured customers that in 2018 all funds under a system to protect users from harm were ‘SAFU’ (Secure Assets for Users).

Luna Classic :

Luna Classic (LUNC) is a token formerly known as Terra Luna (LUNA).

The token was worth more than $ 80 in early May before crashing below $ 1 in the wake of the Greater Terra Network collapse. About $ 20 billion in investment funds were destroyed. The crash necessitated the launch of a new and separate Terra blockchain network.

The Luna Classic has risen 4% to 00 0.00006178 today and – although unlikely – is one of the top trending cryptos today.

Within hours, Binance was back online, and no damage was recorded.

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